While any drug program that third party administrators provide involves drug and alchol tests, an effective drug misuse deterrence program must have education and training programs. IDC’s parent company, Norton Medical Industries, has drafted and published DOT-approved education materials and developed excellent training courses that fit your needs. Our materials that we provide to you also keep your company compliant with DOT and SAMHSA regulation.

With our education and training program, IDC hands companies, independent contractors, and independent drivers the knowledge and the required tools to make dot_drug_testinginformed and responsible decisions when it comes to drug and alcohol consumption. After completing our training, supervisors will understand what it means to have a drug-free workplace environment and have the proper knowledge to recognize signs that may suggest an employee may be using drugs or consuming alcohol. Employees too who review our education materials will be knowledgeable in drug and alcohol abuse and drug and alcohol policies. Employees will also learn what tests they may be selected to take in order to be DOT-compliant.