Drug Programs To Comply With US DOT and FMCSA Regulations
Collection Sites Available Nation Wide

  • Once You Submit TO IDC Your Application With The Annual Enrollment Fee, You Have No Additional Fees To Pay! Pre-Employment Drug Testing, Random Drug Testing, Random Alcohol Testing, and Post Accident Testing Are Covered In Your Program For One Year.

  • IDC Will Also Provide You With A US DOT And FMCSA Compliant Independent Driver Drug And Alcohol Policy, Certificate Of Compliance, Education Materials, And A Laboratory Account Number That Entitles You To Have Your Pre-Enrollment Drug Test Immediately As Well As Random Drug And Alcohol Tests. Test Results Return Usually The Next Day And Can Be Viewed On Our App, Website, And E-mail.

  • Proof Of Enrollment And A Copy Of Your Last Drug Test Are Also Provided.

  • IDC Has Thousands Of Collection Sites Nationwide And We Will Provide You With Collection Sites In Your Area

  • A US DOT Trained MRO Reviews All Of Your Testing.

  • IDC Is Safe, Secure, And Confidential! Our App And On-Line-Access Allows You To View And Print Test Results and Edit Your Contact Information

  • Interesting To Note, Since US DOT Began Drug Testing In 1989, Fatal Accidents Have Fallen 80 Percent Per Every Million Miles Driven!
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